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​Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?
It is a Japanese relaxation and stress reduction technique that also promotes healing. Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy.

How do you provide Reiki?
Reiki can be provided in two ways. The first is an in person session where the client sits or lays down fully clothed and the practitioner uses different hand placements which allows for the Reiki Energy to flow from the Practitioner to the client. Hand placements can be done without touch or with light touch for the clients comfort.
The second would be a distance session where the client sets up time with the practitioner and they can discuss intentions for the session and then as the client lays or sits comfortably in their own space the practitioner send the Reiki Energy to the client. This is possible with the power of intention and the focus of the practitioner. The practitioner must be attuned to/ or have received an ignition that allows for distance work to be done.

What can I expect from my Reiki session?

Your Reiki session will relax you and help reduce stress that happens in everyday life. You set your intentions for your session and can expect the Reiki Energy to flow to where your body and mind need it the most so that you can begin working towards your intentions.

How does a Reiki session feel?
I personally have heard lots of different descriptions of what a client has felt during a Reiki session. Some people may just feel a warmth from the practitioner's hands while others may get tingling sensations. Other things people have said they have experienced are visions or the releasing of emotions. Most commonly I am told that it helps to relax the person who is receiving it and that they felt warmth.  

Will Reiki cause me any harm?
Reiki can cause no harm. It's a transfer of high vibrational life force energy which helps to raise the vibration of your body's current energy in the areas you need it most.

Why might I feel like I have a cold after an energy session?
While some people may experience symptoms of a cold with any form of energy work, this happens because the areas of our bodies which are receiving the higher vibrational energy and experiencing some healing are adjusting to the body starting to work as it should. When something isn't working properly in our body and another part of our body is compensating for what is lacking and then suddenly that area begins to work again, it takes some adjusting within our bodies. This is when and why we may experience these kinds of symptoms.

Will I need additional Reiki sessions?
This is something you will want to discuss with your practitioner. It will really depend on the intentions you have for receiving Reiki. Some things may take longer to work through than others so additional sessions may be needed.

How do I find a Reiki practitioner that is right for me?
I would encourage people to search for a practitioner that resonates with them. If you find a practitioner and you know they can provide what you are looking for you can set up a session and see if the energy feels right for you with that individual. Sometimes I will suggest to the person if they are familiar with meditation to meditate and then do a search for your practitioner allowing the universe or source to guide you to that person. You may need to see more than one person before feeling that you have found the one that resonates with you and your intentions.

How does a Reiki Crystal Grid work?
The grid that I have created is designed to connect to the world peace Reiki grid. This grid allows the practitioner to charge and send Reiki continuously to the person or people they place within the grid. Charging the grid each day ensures that the Reiki Energy continues to flow for those individuals for as long as the Reiki needs to for the intentions that have been set.

What types of healing or help can Reiki provide?
Reiki has been proven to assist in the healing of many illnesses, injuries, and diseases. It has helped with things from cancer to a headache and mood enhancement. It also can help reduce healing time with other treatments you may be receiving. Reiki is always beneficial and will help to elevate other types of therapies you may be undergoing. I always encourage people to continue their treatments with their regular doctor but to use Reiki in conjunction with those treatments to maximize the benefits

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